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Tactical Web Media is a company born of Cybersecurity. Our engineers and designers blend the best techniques in web design, development, and secure hosting to bring what we call, "aesthetic engineering."
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A bit of history

Tactical Web Media started as the web design and digital marketing division of Technical Framework, LLC, an IT managed services company founded in 2010.
When requests for customer-centric web design and revenue-generating digital marketing reached a pinnacle, owners Allison Robin and Al Harris determined that the best opportunity for sustained growth was to spin off the division into a separate company.
As of January 2019, Tactical Web Media, LLC, is an independent company also owned and led by Allison Robin and Al Harris. Comprised of a team who has worked together for nearly a decade, the company provides web design, hosting, website security, and digital marketing services to clients ranging in scale from solopreneurs to several hundred workers. Its list of clients includes organizations such as the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, Loveland Chamber of Commerce, and Colorado State University.
The mission of Tactical Web Media is to create websites and orchestrate digital marketing campaigns which are aligned with your company’s vision of success.
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Tactical Web Media Leadership Team

Al H.

Al H.

Web Strategist

Al is a seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience in technology and marketing. His high standards and integrity, along with his fresh approach to incorporating timely, customer-centric tools is what earn him a solid reputation among hundreds of clients. As a project manager, Al effectively conveys technical information, while delivering on-time and on-budget projects for companies worldwide. In 2006, Al earned a Master of Information Systems. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Colorado State University. Al and his wife enjoy watching football, taking walks, and spending time with their adopted dog, Rocky.

Allison R.

Allison R.

Finance Officer
Since graduating from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor of Science in management, Allison has demonstrated success in surpassing financial performance objectives for companies in the higher education, technology, and nonprofit industries. She is responsible for Tactical Web Media’s overall financial and strategic management, including the company’s financial reporting and long-range business planning. Allison enjoys gardening and researching topics of interest as well as spending time with her husband and fur baby dog.
Alexandra I.

Alexa I.

Project Manager
Alexa joined the company (originally a division of Technical Framework) in 2012. The diligence she has consistently exhibited over the course of her tenure has significantly contributed to our success. Equipped with a Master of Science in project management, Alexa has strong analytical, problem-solving, and organizational skills. She works closely with the project manager to ensure that all scheduling and coordination processes run smoothly. Detail oriented, Alexa recognizes areas of change in project processes, as needed, and takes responsibility for implementing and managing these changes. In her leisure time, she and her family enjoy traveling, hiking, reading, and watching sports.
Joana M.

Joana M.

SEO Coordinator
Joana’s role is to rank our sites and those of our clients at the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches using the latest SEO techniques. She also manages our social media campaigns to ensure maximum engagement potential. Joana holds a B.S. in electrical engineering. In her spare time, she enjoys taking in a good move or listening to R&B.
Vlad R.

Vlad R.

Technology Architect
Vlad is highly skilled at designing and engineering complex, search-engine optimized web applications. Backed with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering, he demonstrates exceptional concentration and analytical skills. Vlad’s skills, exceeded only by an impressive work ethic, extend to managing multiple, large projects involving a team of coders and designers. Having joined our company (formerly a division of Technical Framework) in 2011, he has provided front- and back-end web development using a wide variety of applications. Vlad enjoys playing guitar and soccer, reading novels, and tenaciously pursuing ways to improve web design and development.

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