3 Benefits of Measuring Website Traffic Regularly

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October 15, 2018
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Your company website has the potential to be your biggest business asset by far, but only if it attracts the right number of visitors. Unfortunately, with close to two billion sites online, achieving that steady flow can be quite challenging. However, with regular traffic monitoring, the task becomes far less daunting.

Measuring website traffic regularly and accurately will bring a whole host of benefits. Here are three of the best.

It’ll help you stay on top of tech issues.

Web traffic isn’t merely a case of tracking how many visitors the site gains in general. The analytics can go far deeper than that, allowing you to see how each page is performing. This information can be utilized to spot potential tech issues that could be standing in your way of success.

If a page has received 0 views, it could be for a number of reasons including a broken link or something as simple as forgetting to publish the page in a public manner. Meanwhile, if a page is getting a high bounce rate in which people are leaving within seconds, there could be a problem. This could range from broken media to the page not being what they thought.

Given the damage that tech issues can have on your site and company image, it’s imperative that they are rectified before customers lose faith. Traffic measuring lets you do it in style.

It’ll help you monitor your marketing strategies.

Ensuring that your marketing budget is working to its full potential is a priority for all business owners. Looking at your web traffic figures instantly tells you whether the overall marketing strategies are working; if the traffic is increasing each month, things are going well.

However, it’s possible to take things far further. Analytics let you know which hyperlinks are attracting the most traffic while external online ad platforms (such as Google and Facebook) show which campaigns are the most effective. From here, you can tailor your marketing budget accordingly to ensure that it produces the very best results.

When the marketing strategies are under control, you’ll find that the entire venture reaps the rewards – not least because the traffic will continue to soar, opening new doors in the process.

It’ll help you learn what visitors like about the site.

Getting people to visit your site is one thing, but getting them to stay is another altogether. Avoiding high bounce rates is important, but you must also find a way to get them coming back over the coming days. After all, the average consumer makes seven visits before completing a purchase.

Frankly, consumers will only do this if they actively approve of your site. If your site has a blog, the pages that gain the most hits clearly have the biggest appeal for your target market. In addition to pointing you in the right direction for future blogs, it can provide key insight for other marketing plans and web content.

On another note, analyzing the mobile traffic will show whether your site looks right on the small screen. Over half of all browsing takes place on mobile. So, if yours is exclusive to a web browser, there could be an issue to rectify.

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