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Google Remarketing vs. Paid Search
Google Remarketing is a way to reach customers who have already visited your website. When a visitor leaves your site, Google will show them ads that match their past browsing behavior. This approach is an effective way to promote products or services in which they may be interested. You can also us...
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How the Coronavirus is Making Digital Marketing More Critical Than Ever
As people around the world change the way they socialize, interact online and purchase products and services in new ways due to the Coronavirus, marketers are quickly learning how to adapt and change the way they reach consumers and businesses. Marketing leaders must work externally to keep their br...
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Faking It on Facebook: Cons, Ad Scams and Ticketing Fraud
As the platform continues to grow and its user base expands, scammers, con artists, and criminals regularly target Facebook with a variety of bogus ads and fake products. While Facebook tries to fight back, you’ll need to make sure you understand the risks when you use the site or any of its servi...
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What You Should Know about Google’s BERT Algorithm
If you’re a business manager, you’ve likely been hearing a lot lately about Google BERT. That’s because Google has stated that BERT will impact “1 in 10” searches. Why is this, if there’s no conclusive evidence to support the statement? The SEO community seems rather unfazed, and there h...
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Google September 2019 Core Update
If you we’ve been hit with Google’s September 2019 Core Update, or any other update for that matter, here are a few things to know. First of all, what is a core update? A cord update is an adjustment of its core ranking algorithm (formula) in hopes of providing more relevant results to searchers...
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Best Practices Checklist for On-Page SEO
As technology and search engine algorithms continue to change, it’s important to stay current with SEO best practices – not only so your web site will rank high in search engine results but to gain relevant web traffic as well. This includes on-page SEO, which is the method of optimizing individ...
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