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7 Ways to Make Your New Website More Secure
There are many aspects to consider when building a website. Things like server space, design themes, and coding are all essential to making it look exactly how you want. However, many people overlook the different security elements when going through the building process. If your website lacks prope...
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7 Signs Your Website Has Been Hacked
As an online business owner, the security of your website is essential to your success. If your website is hacked, customers may not be able to purchase your products or services. Alternatively, customers may have a more negative view of your online business, discouraging them from making purchases....
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Improve Your Website Security in 5 Simple Ways
In today's constantly evolving technological climate, cyber security is a huge concern for every business owner. With the surge of data breaches and the continuous rise of new malware attacks, keeping your website protected is no longer a matter of preference but an absolute necessity. Whether you a...
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WordPress Security Primer
WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that has gained popularity in recent years. With this popularity has come a rise in the amount of malicious activity and security threats to WordPress. There are many ways to protect your WordPress website, but it is essential to remember t...
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5 Simple Ways to Improve Security for Your Website
Understanding how to keep your website secure isn't always easy due to the ever-increasing number of cyber threats. Hackers are constantly taking advantage of vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive data. Looking at ways to enhance website security is essential in staying a step ahead of these t...
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