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5 Website Design Tips to Increase Conversions
Finding ways to keep potential customers on your website is always a top priority for businesses. A high bounce rate is a significant problem, as it's the percentage of visitors that leave your website without committing any action. These missed opportunities can cost your company a lot of money ove...
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4 Ways to Increase the Speed of Your WordPress Website
Creating a digital presence for your company is essential in today's work environment. A well-designed site makes it much easier for potential clients to learn more about your business and check your services. A WordPress website is often a popular choice for many companies due to its user-friendlin...
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5 Ways Dazzle Your Website Visitors
Your website is one of the first things visitors will notice about your business. Creating a well-designed website is an excellent way to make a solid first impression. One of the best ways to design an effective website is to focus on the user experience. Constantly using new techniques to improve ...
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COVID-19 Class Action Lawsuits on the Rise
With COVID-19 infections reportedly approaching nearly two million cases in the US alone, law firms are predicting a rise in class action lawsuits under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), claiming that businesses and public sector organizations are failing to safeguard citizens' health and s...
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Securing and Maintaining WordPress Websites
WordPress, the most commonly used website content management system, regularly releases maintenance and security updates that include everything from bug fixes to platform improvements and themes. 1The updates also add new features and functionality that improve the overall stability and performance...
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Cyber Criminals Capitalize on Coronavirus Fears to Scam and Attack Consumers
As the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, continues to infect populations around the globe, cybercriminals are capitalizing on the fear and misinformation regarding the disease to sell fake products and distribute phishing emails, texts, and social media posts that attack consumers and individuals...
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Why is Schema Markup Important for Your Website’s SEO?
Much like the universe, the internet is constantly expanding and navigating through cyberspace is becoming more complex. This is also apparent in the world of search. Website schema markup is a SEO technique that helps search engines create a map of the billions of websites currently available. In t...
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16 Top WordPress Security Plugins
While you might have a great website that brings a lot of traffic and clients to your business, your website is only as good as the foundation it runs on. If your website was to become infected with malware or go down, even for a short period, how would this impact your organization? This is [&helli...
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5 Common Myths About Web Sites
Launching a web site for a business can be a huge undertaking, as there are numerous decisions to be made. You have probably already spent a lot of time doing research online about web sites, including looking at your competitors’ websites and asking friends and business acquaintances who have web...
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