Google Remarketing vs. Paid Search

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May 15, 2021
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Google Remarketing is a way to reach customers who have already visited your website. When a visitor leaves your site, Google will show them ads that match their past browsing behavior.

This approach is an effective way to promote products or services in which they may be interested. You can also use remarketing to promote a new product or service they might not know about yet.

You'll need to create a Google AdWords account, including adding your website URL and selecting an ad type. You can then start building your audience with interest-based groups or remarketing lists for people who have visited specific pages on your site. These groups are comprised of the users most likely to be interested in what you're offering.

Paid search advertising is usually done through the paid search platform and involves advertisers bidding for keywords in a search engine. Only when someone enters that keyword will the advertiser show up. The advertiser would also need to have enough money to cover their bids.

Google ads break down into two types:

1) Search Ads- These are ads that show up when you do searches on Google or other similar websites. They are shown in different areas such as the sidebar, top of the page, and other locations, depending on what kind of ad you choose.

2) Shopping Ads- Google Shopping Ads are text-based advertising for businesses selling retail items.

Google Shopping Ads allows you to start advertising your business without creating and designing a website or building an account on Google. You simply create your Google Shopping ad, upload the images, and list your product or service.

Google has a free tool that allows you to test which ads are the most successful in reaching potential customers, also known as conversion rate optimization (CRO). This means that you can find out how much it costs to get customers to purchase from your ads and what they say about the quality of the products being sold.

Paid search advertising is generally more expensive than other types of digital marketing, such as display or social media ads. Still, it provides a way for companies to show up in potential customers' searches and reach them at an opportune moment.

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