How to Measure Your Keyword Google Ranking Using Fat Rank

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April 15, 2019
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Keywords are the backbone of your web site content. After all, keywords are what search engines use to locate information that users are searching for online, and in turn ultimately determine the position your web site will be listed in the search results.

But have you ever wondered where your web site ranks in Google for specific keywords? How about which keywords businesses that offer similar products or services, or maybe your competitors, are using on their web sites, and how their web sites are ranking in search engine results?

There are numerous tools available for gathering this data in real-time, which could be extremely valuable to your business when making content decisions. However, not all of these tools have the same degree of accuracy and ease-of-use.

One tool that has a reputation of having a high accuracy rate and is simple to use is the Fat Rank Chrome extension. This free tool can be installed in your Google Chrome browser in just a few seconds, allowing you to start utilizing it immediately.

How easy is it to check the keyword ranking for a web site using Fat Rank? After installing the Chrome extension, simply go to the desired web site that contains the key word you want to research (either your own web site or the web site of another business), type the keyword in the search field, select the desired country, and click Check. The results display almost instantaneously – you can easily see where that web site ranks in Google and which URLs (web pages) are ranking.

Fat Rank currently searches for the specified keyword within the top 100 positions – if the web site does not rank for the keyword in the top 100, no results display. Fat Rank also stores the results for later reference and allows you to export them to a CSV file, which is especially useful for clients.

If you are not satisfied with how your web site is ranking for certain keywords, you might want to consider making some changes to your web site content and possibly using different keywords.

Once you identify the keywords you want to use in your web content, don’t overdo it with using your selected keywords repeatedly. Why? Because Google will penalize you if they see you are using keyword stuffing tactics to try and rank higher in search results. Search engines do not consider content that contains repetitive use of keywords to be quality content – this could have a negative impact on where your web site lands in the search rankings.

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