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Target Email

E-mail Marketing

Wondering if e-mail marketing is valuable to your business? E-mail marketing has value for your business as it is a simple and effective way to reach out to consumers, including potential and current customers, without investing a lot in new technology or software.

This tactic is very effective for staying connected with your customers – and for just pennies per message. Moreover, consumers typically seek out e-mail updates and promotions from their favorite businesses, including brands and local stores.

The backbone of any e-mail marketing regimen is a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. Our team at Tactical Web Media is well-versed in CRM system setup and management, as a basis for e-mail campaigns. We manage e-mail marketing comprehensively by providing newsletter design, content, distribution, and response measurement.

Sending carefully constructed e-mail campaigns with an irresistible incentive to your contact list is one of the best values available in digital marketing today.

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Target Email
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