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For many organizations, your web site is one of the most important marketing tools utilized for bringing in new business. However, if people can’t find your web site on the Internet, it will not be an effective marketing tool for promoting your products and services, and building your e-mail list. This is why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is so vital, not just for your web site but your overall marketing strategy.

Tactical Web Media offers numerous customized SEO solutions to help make your web site an effective part of your organization:

Onsite SEO Audits
Through our onsite SEO audits, we will examine your organization’s web site for speed, reliability, security, and relevancy. This will help determine how your web site ranks in search engine results.

Backlink Analysis
Backlinks are links from external web sites to your organization’s web site. The more links that come from reputable outside sources to your web site, the more that search engines will see your web site as an ‘authority’ on the topic being searched – in turn, your organization’s web site will rank higher in search results. We will analyze the backlinks coming to your organization’s web site to ensure that they are reputable.

Keyword Search and Canonical Mapping
Our strategic keyword research tools will discover the best keywords for your web site content and that your customers are searching for. We will examine which keywords will produce the most valuable conversions based on those keywords that are already ranking, while staying within your organization’s budget and business goals.

Web Site Analytics
Web site analytics is one of the most effective methods available for obtaining insight about your organization’s web site. From seeing how much traffic is coming to your web site, to where the traffic is coming from, and what visitors are doing on your organization’s web site, we will help your organization collect and leverage this data using the most sophisticated analytics tools.

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